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Even if you find a suitable domain (most of these domains seem to have already been registered, by people who did not even ask us before). We are happy with the PuTTY website exactly where it is located. We are not hard to find (just put putty into and we will be the first on the list), and we don’t think that the administrative hassle of website promotion would be of any use.

In addition, if we decide to change the domain name, we will do it ourselves, so we will know for sure that he will continue to indicate where we want, without sudden changes and strange surprises. But to have a domain registered by a third party, which we do not even know, for us this would not be the best option.

Putty SSH Unix Linux Command Reference cheat sheet for console lovers

SSH (secure shell a secure shell in English) is a set of programs that allow you to register on a computer over the network, remotely execute commands on it, and also copy and move files between computers. Through SSH access, if you adapt yourself, it is very convenient to perform a lot of things that would take more time and server resources if you perform operations through a hosting control panel or, as people say, through a panel.

killall proc kill all processes with the name proc bg list of stopped and background tasks; continue execution of the stopped task in the background

File permissions

chmod octal file change file permissions to octal, separate for user, group and all for addition: 4 read (r) 2 record (w) 1 execution (x)

Examples Winscp download:

System information

date – display the current date and time

cal – display the calendar for the current month

uptime – show current uptime

w – show users online

whoami is the name you are logged in to

finger user – show user info

uname -a – show kernel info

cat / proc / cpuinfo – CPU info

cat / proc / meminfo – memory information

man command – show manual for command

df – show info about disk usage

du – output the “weight” of the current directory

free – use memory and swap

Previously, I myself avoided putty, because I was afraid not to hurt, and I did not know the necessary ssh and nix system commands. Now many of them have turned into everyday life for me. And not to forget the com