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I am sure that any admin had to use an SSH client. And if your main Linux operating system (or unix is similar), then access to this function is quite simple to get opened the terminal and is ready. With Windows, it’s not that simple. The most common use is Putty. Personally, I have been using it for 7 years already (work requires having Windows as the main OS). But I suddenly wondered what other alternatives there are. A little googling and having tried most of the software, I highlighted the following worthy (free) alternatives Winscp download:

1) SuperPutty Well, everything is obvious. In fact, this is just a more convenient GUI for Putty. The main convenience is tabs. If you adminit multiple device at the same time, then this option is clearly more convenient than several windows of ordinary Putty.

2) MobaXterm Another very popular utility. Actually, this is a paid product, but there is a free version, which is enough for the eyes. As you can see from the picture above, not only SSH is supported. There is also a work with tabs, grouping sessions and much more.

3) Remote Desktop Manager Calling this utility an SSH client is the same as calling a rocket a hang glider. It is easier to say that this software does not know how to list all its functions. The utility is paid, but there is a free option, which is enough for most. In my opinion this is the most beautiful utility, but also the most difficult.

5. Solar Putty Actually, I don’t really like SolarWinds products. They are too intrusive. To download the program, you must fill in your personal data, then your application will be considered (add mail to the promotional newsletter), and only after that, you may be sent a download link. Otherwise, this is a very good utility, convenient, beautiful and quite popular. I recommend to try.


This concludes our Top 5 SSH clients for Windows. I did not list paid clients (such as SecureCRT), which are also very numerous. It is also worth mentioning that recently it became possible to use OpenSSH in Windows 10 (i.e., get a native SSH client). If you work with other utilities and think that they should be mentioned, then write in the comments. I think many will be interested (including me).

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